Combined council, and police operations net over 43 gangs during Easter

By Bida Elly David

A joint operation by Juba City Council and the police criminal Investigative Department (CID) arrested 43membersof youth gangs in different parts of the city during the Easter festivities.

Juba City Mayor Michael Wani Allah-jabu told Juba Monitor yesterday that the gangs are commonly known as ‘niggers’ were rounded up and taken into custody after they were accused of carrying out terror activities including killing, torture, humiliation, attacks on members of the public and rival gang groups in several suburbs over the weekend.

The mayor said that among the 43 apprehended and taken into custody in Malakia, Gudele, and Munuki police cells, were 13 girls whom he described as ‘dressed half-naked and bearing tattoos all over their bodies’ accusing them of terror activities.

“We carried the exercise after noticing a series of killings, torture, humiliation, and group to group attacks causing threats to the citizens in the city. “Among the 43 apprehended gang members were 13 girls involved in the group, dressed half-naked bearing tattoos all over their bodies,” Allah-jabu said, adding, “Some of the girls apprehended are among the senior four candidates waiting to sit for the South Sudan Certificate of Education that would commence after Easter celebration.”

“We traced out that two groups among the apprehended were bearing official business cards for operating their activities namely Wrong Boys’ gang and Rebel Gang which seemed to be hosted by some individuals within the system,” the Mayor said.

The mayor stated that the so-called Wrong Boys had been accused of killing two people and injuring two others in Lologosuburb last month. He revealed that intelligence reports showed ‘Wrong Boys’werecurrently the dominant gang group in Juba, comprising between 85- 100 members since their establishment on March 25, 2022.

The mayor also said that some of the gang members during investigations told officers that they planned to kill half of the current population of Juba City by 2027 after recruiting more members.

“After investigating some of the members we arrested, they said that their mission was focused to kill half of the population in Juba by the end of 2027, forced young men and ladies to join them, and guaranteed the sum of 120,000SSP to each member.

The city strongly urged parents to keep their children away from bad youth groups warning that the law enforcement agencies would punish those involved in crime severely.

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