COLD-Death four perishes in Luri River

By James Atem Kuir

Four members of organized forces have drowned while 16 others escaped death with injuries after their vehicles were swept away by fast-flowing water while crossing over the Luri stream, some 18 kilometers outside Juba city over the weekend.

The group of20 soldiers and officers were returning to Juba from escorting Mundari herders outside the city when their two vehicles attempted to cross the overflown Luri Bridge from the other side but were carried away by a strong current on Saturday evening.

“Our forces were sent to escort the cattle herders who were supposed to go back to their places of origin. On their way back from the mission, they reached Luri Bridge and found it overflown by water, and in the process as they were trying to cross over, their two vehicles carrying 20 soldiers, including officers were carried away,” said the Inspector General of Police(IGP), General Majak Akec Malok in a video footage obtained by Juba Monitor.

“Four soldiers are still missing under the water but we have rescued 16 of them,” he further said, adding that one of the vehicles was missing while the wreckage of the other had been taken recovered.

Luri Bridge has become a deathtrap for commuters since the structure collapsed in 2012, killing dozens every rainy season as the seasonal stream bypassed by the bridge dangerously overflows when it rains heavily.

In 2019 alone, up to 50travelerstragically died as their vehicles overturned while tryingto cross the dangerous bridge, according to media reports, quoting source living in the environs.

The bridge has been under construction since February this year. The works being undertaken by a local construction Company is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

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