The killer whether a woman or a man who cruelly murdered the three innocent God’s gift children must be apprehended by the police with all other alleged suspects who might have planned to eliminate the life of the three children. Never before has such tragic inhuman killings recorded in Juba whatsoever other deaths which have been committed by merciless criminals. Such a person should be regarded as a beast not to be listed with humans’ character.  This was one of the breaking-news in Juba and South Sudan at large. The whole family, relatives, neighbors, and Juba city as a whole was disturbed by this shocking bad news at time when the country is looking for peace. Now the law implementing body that is the police who is responsible of keeping law and order should ensure that all information needed to establish the real cause, which led to the murder of these children must be gathered without altering any of the sources. The criminal (s) behind this act might not be one as shared by the media that the suspect was termed to be another wife to the man’s children. The latter should therefore now produce all other incorporating agents who did the plan to kill the innocent children. They must all be arraigned in the court of law and must produce the details evidence or motive for removing life from the young kids.  The family members should also be investigated thoroughly. One among them could be the cause to the incident. Why was this issue or fiercest anger hauled to the kids and not the parents? They were the one to bear such agony not the children. So the two father and the mother should be also investigated well. No one should be left aside. Though it has been rightly confirm but all those who have hands in the death of the gone children must be judge accordingly and should be a lesson to others.  

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