COLD Blood murder in the city

By Nema Juma

Rock city suburb in Juba yet to come to terms with the mysterious slaughter of three young children inside their wall-fenced house.

The country yesterday woke up to a shocking news of a cold blood murder of three young children in Rock city in the outskirts of Juba town.

The Police confirmed the news of  murder of the two young girls and a boy which occurred at around 2:00 o’clock on Saturday when their mother was said to have left the in house to go for her daily chores in  Juba town.

The motive of the murder of the youngsters whose future has been cut short is yet to be known.

The police spokesperson Maj. Gen Daniel Justine said that when the incident happened their mother was not at home and when she came back at around 4:00 o’clock she called us and the Director General visited the sight and the children were taken to the hospital for post mortem and we have launched a major investigation.

“We launched our investigation yesterday and we have deployed our CIDs, so we are still working out to get the criminal(s) although we have not arrested anybody so far,” Daniel said.

He said the house is well fenced and the children were said to have been in the house watching television. It may be that the criminals opened the gate and entered the compound and committed the crime then left.  

Informed sources told Juba Monitor that yesterday in the morning, the security personnel were deployed at the scene.

However when Juba monitor visited the scene, different people including government officials were coming to see the house where the three children were murdered from outside as the gates remained closed.

People kept on wondering how such a thing could happen. They kept on talking while others shed tears.

Since police had closed the entrance to the scene for investigations, the funeral was shifted to another relative’s house within the vicinity.

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