Every child has a right to education. Therefore, each one of them must be given a chance to acquire this important mode in life. The education should not be gambled with. When Juba University closed because of differences between students and management which resulted in the destruction of the institution’s properties worth millions, there is no justification whatsoever to this cause of action because two wrongs do not make a right. The administration is said to have shut off students who had not completed paying their tuition fees. The students were denied a chance to do their examinations, which they have been waiting for far this long. Indeed both sides can be judged to have had some reasons to justify their action but what must stand out clearly is that the University could have used some wisdom to let the students do their exams and probably penalize them later by with-holding their results until the outstanding arrears are cleared instead of denying them the lifetime chance which they have been waiting for. The students should also not have resorted to damaging the University properties well aware that this was one of the country’s leading institution of higher learning, which has brought up a number of professionals and which was still going to do so for generations to come. They should have in mind to own and protect such important institutions which are symbols of national pride. The administration should have gone further to treat each case on its own merit and even find out the financial background and ability to pay from each student affected. One thing is that our children must have better education to be able to be in the circles of elites and appropriate future leaders, who can make informed decisions on matters of national interests. They should not be denied this but they should also be responsible not to destroy what is rightfully theirs.

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