Cleric urges students to be peace lovers

By Moses Gum Degur

The Vice Chancellor of Catholic University of South Sudan has urged students of the university to be peace loving people in order to develop and promote the country.

Dr. Fr. Mathew Pagan, the Vice Chancellor of the Catholic University and a clergy in the Catholic Church made the remarks at the official opening of the 10th Academic year of the Catholic University South Sudan since its establishment in 2007 at the University premises yesterday.

Addressing the students, the clergy man said for the country to have organized and developed society, there is need for young people to adopt the spirit of togetherness.

“Our society will never develop if we remain divided,” he said. “It will only develop when young people are united and have common understanding of solving problems. It will only be organized and developed if and only if the fledgling persons embrace spirit of togetherness and be peace loving people,” the Vice Chancellor said.

Dr. Pagan said South Sudan will prosper if its natives could learn and define the real meaning of being a God fearing person who respects the will of others.

He said development could only come to the country if all are united and remain as peace lovers in a bid to change the society.

Dr. Pagan urged the students to be pace makers and God fearing people to have a transformed and peaceful society.

He called on young people to initiate spirits of togetherness, love and charity in order to help the country move out from the difficulties marked by hatred and killings.

Sister Kiden Christine Janet, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences said there is need for maximum respect of humanity.

“As Christians we should learn how to respect one another,” she said. “Refrain from bad practices and abuse of other people’s personalities. This would only restore hope in respecting human dignity.”

Sister Kiden said it is a prerequisite to reform every citizen to develop the nation and transform its citizens to be ambassadors of peace.

She said peace is the only way to improve humanity and develop the country. “Fighting using gun is not a solution to our problems,” she said. “But we should use the intellectual weapon of using power of words and dialogue to disentangle our grievances.”

She said there is a need to unite and push the country forward to catch up with the rest of the world through restoring peace and stability in the country.


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