Cleric urges Church to pressurize leaders to implement agreement

By: Kidega Livingstone

A senior cleric has called on the Church leaders to pressurize the signatories to the peace agreement to meet the one hundred days deadline.

Moses Elia who calls himself Apostle from the Africa Inland Church said it was the responsibility of the Church to preach the truth to leaders.

He said the leaders should utilize the extended days to iron out the outstanding issues.

“There are few days remaining to the formation of the Revitalised Government of National Unity. As faith based, I am urging my brothers and sisters in the Church that it is our responsibility to pray and also to do action by telling the truth by finding ways to approach our leaders to the agreement so that they can commit themselves and do what they have promised to the people,” Apostle Moses said.

He stressed that regular extension of the formation of the pre-transitional government has made the citizens to cast doubt on the peace in the country, adding that signatories to the agreement should not make the people to lose trust and confidence in them.

“They promised to form the government regardless of some conditions,” he said, stressing that the leaders need to form the government earlier 2020 as they had agreed.

He said the people of South Sudan have suffered and that the leaders should consider their conditions.

“What people need is only peace because they had been patient enough to wait for the peace and it is time for leaders to put things in action,” Moses said. 

He noted that South Sudan used to be respected among the African Union but because of war the country has lost that respect.

“If peace don’t come by next year I will not be happy because I am yarning to see the people in the displaced camps coming back home and I am yarning to see that people who are suffering are getting services,” Apostle Moses said.

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