Cleric calls on the faithful to redouble faith

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

As Christians continue to search for lasting peace in South Sudan, the Church has been mandated to play a role including South Sudanese International Christian Fellowship in Uganda that conducted the first Sunday service of May 2021 marked as a special Holy Sunday full of blessings and enthusiasm among people of God in Uganda.

The Sunday service was presided over by the pastor in charge Joseph Simbe who deeply believed in his spiritual service that South Sudanese Christians have the duty and obligation to preach the Gospel to believers because God said go on earth and multiply and fill the earth meanwhile preaching the GodGospelto Christians and believers to live the happiest life in Jesus Christ.

The first Sunday service of May 2, 2021 was special because the faithful of Orthodox Church were celebrating their Easter Sunday.

Yesterday, the pastor congratulated them upon their successful event and wished them happy Easter in God’s name.

The cleric called on South Sudanese faithful to “Redouble their faith in Godthe almighty”, by taking the gospel to the next level because the country needs spiritual blessing in order to revert the narrative of suffering and tribalism into love and sense of national unity and togetherness of all citizens who considered themselves to be equal citizens and one big family of South Sudan, we all believe in it.

According to Mr. Mamur Majur himself,a believer who attended the Sunday service, the faithful should immediately launch serious fight against poverty and by doing so, South Sudan as a country will be free from lack of food commodities which are vital to human being livelihood because we have natural wealth.

“God blessed us with resources but we still have no resources especially money to develop our country for our common citizens to realize the true dividend of current peace agreement being implemented in the country,” he added.

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