Clergy calls for respect of human dignity

BY Moses Gum Degur

A Roman Catholic priest has called on the faithful to recognize their responsibility of respecting human dignity in order to promote the common good for all human beings.


Fr. Emmanuel Jubek made the statement during his homily to the congregation at Holy Rosary Chapel in Juba yesterday (Sunday).

He said it is important to remember that we can’t separate efforts to promote respect for human life from efforts to promote respect for human dignity.

“We cannot defend human dignity and human rights without recognizing the fundamental basis which is life itself that begins at the conception and ends with natural death,” Fr Jubek said.

“Also besides our efforts to promote respect for human life, out of respect for the dignity of each other, we also protect and provide the needy to enjoy the essential of a dignified life,” Jubek added.

He said the extensive Church teaches a consistent ethic of life including important teachings on issues of denouncing war and bringing peace, economic justice, care of the needy and vulnerable, education, stewardship of the lord’s creation among others.


Fr. Jubek stressed that the church have a moral obligation to defend human life and dignity, to protect the poor and the vulnerable, and to work for justice and peace.

He urged the Catholic faithful to be informed and accept to be guided by the moral truth of faith.


According to the Catholic clergy, there is need to acknowledge the issues affecting the public lives and find the way forward for the welfare of human person.

He reiterated that the intentional destruction of innocent human life, as in abortion and killing is not acceptable, saying any human being has the right to life as it is the most basic and fundamental human right.

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