Clearing agents at the entry points should harmonize their work in partnership with government agencies to ensure effective collection of revenue for service delivery.

Some of them have been reported to be dishonest and cheating their ways. Their work of clearing goods and items should be standardized and regulated instead of having open and free market.

This would help the Customs Department of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) to increase volume of revenue collection.

Clearing agents are an important component in the country and should do their work above questionable systems that would build trust on their operations.

It is unfortunate to hear that some of them are cheating even the government, which is supposed to protect their well-being. Cheating in whichever form is not allowed in straight-up business operations.

They should collaborate with the rest of the key players among them, the importers and exporters of different goods and items in and out of the country.

They should remain honest and trustworthy that their clients can trust them even when the latter are far abroad.

They should work closely with the government arms that are charged with ensuring the movement of goods.

The trust should be extended to all players including those transporting the goods. Time and again reports have come out of cheating and loss of goods.

Cheating by under-clearing the value which makes it impossible to put proper charges or taxes as would be the case.

Loss because some agents could not deliver the expected goods. This country relies on importation and any cheating to beat the laid down rules cannot be accepted or tolerated.

The government should make it obvious that anyone of the agents found to be cheating should have his/her operation license revoked or stuck off the list. This could be one of the ways to tame the sector.

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