Odongo Odoyo

By Ngor Khot Garang [Guest]

There is this story that the government is on the move to transition the city from local to what they called modern malls in a period of one year. Now what beats the understanding is the possibility of such a great task in such a short span of time. The thought came after the mayor’s three days visit to Kenya.  The story of Kenya is very humbling, of course, it is one of the cleanest countries in Africa and also one of the fastest growing countries in Africa. Nairobi, which is the capital, has a very low C02 emissions for a town of its size. In July 2014, Nairobi’s governor unveiled 14 new garbage collection trucks and one wheel loader to boost the city’s capacity to handle solid waste. The people of Kenya are passionate about recycling and composting, as well as technologies that conserve electricity and heat. Nairobi residents see nature as a sacred shelter and do their best to take care of it and keep it to gain more peace and health. I cannot compare this country with Kenya but there is a way in which certain things should be done. The development of this country should not be a game of seek and hide. This is to say that you cannot wake up in the morning and say you want a story building to be erected in your compound and you expect it to be finished within the same day. That is a very big joke. The city council has done its best and they are trying their very best to ensure that Juba meets the standard of being called the best and cleanest city. But in addition to this, we cannot close our eyes to how they have failed to solve the issues of great concern. We don’t care if Juba is building malls or big shops, what people want is a clean and transparent city with people who trust their government. In life, there are certain things that money will never buy and one of them is trust. The reason as to why we have Juba City council is not to make the city a better place, it is to represent and work for the interests of the people. It must also be noted that the people come first before the government and in this case, the people must always have a say in whatever way they want to be treated by their government.

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