Editorial 23nd 2018

For the sake of the coming peace celebration slotted for next week, Juba City must remain clean and secure. Authorities involved must ensure the safety of all by providing day and night patrols while the cleaning should be undertaken by all not only because there will be guests from other parts of the world, but because sanity must start from somewhere. It has to start with cleanliness and security. The wish of everyone in the country and the world-over is to have the basic need which includes the above. It is not for nothing that the call is being made. For a long time now, these necessities have been missing and it has taken more, lives, maimed many and displaced thousands. This is a sign which the country needs to bury behind and continue forward with more needed amenities. Healing the wound will come only when the promises given that basics will be made available are met. It should start with ensuring that the celebrations for this notable cause succeeded. It must start with all for the success. Those charged with the responsibilities of managing and controlling these facts must stand up-right to be counted on what they do on daily basis. Let the world talk about a different country after the celebration because the issue of insecurity and threat to human life will have been addressed. The City Council and its associates should be seen to be working for the common goal of all Juba residents. It will be commendable if all peace loving citizens come out to support the celebration. Because the country has been far too long into crisis. However, the public should be warned from the con-games being mooted by some people behind the scene to fleece them out of their hard earned resources.

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