At last someone is doing something at City Hall to tame rogue officers who have been an eyesore to the council. That two directors have been suspended over the continued strike by women vendors at the Konyo Konyo market could be the beginning of some order and discipline which have been long overdue and eluded the attention of each past administration in the council. There is always a first time for everything and that time has come with deputy mayor Thiik Thiik stretching his muscles to bring to order those bent to tarnish the name and image of the council which is responsible for the capital city, Juba. Time and again there have been reports of marauding council officers who demand money from business community with menace. They have denied the council revenue to develop the much needed public amenities including recreational areas for children and the youth. Now some of them have been engaged in shadow boxing to outdo one another by standing tall that who is who and where in the illegal taxation of innocent business people. What has been done to the two directors should remain a permanent reminder that no one is above the law and whoever is not providing effective service delivery to the people should be weeded out of the public system. This far should not be compromised if the public was to restore their confidence in the ability of public institutions to provide them with the necessary service required. There must be complement that at least someone has come out to instill this much needed discipline. Some council officers have had it too much and thought they are untouchable.

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