Clashes displace over 2900 S. Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

At least 3000 South Sudanese refugees in Uganda have been displaced over the clashes which occurred on Sunday.

According to earlier reports, 10 people were confirmed dead as a result of the fighting.

The fighting was triggered when a boy from the host community allowed a cow into one of the refugee garden.

A refugee who preferred to be called James for security concerns told Juba Monitor that, in 2018 the locals had requested the camp authorities to relocate refugees from their land.

“After that incident the police intervened where some people were arrested taken to Arua Central police where some were taken to prison and after that nationals blame refugees for bringing problem to our land,” James said.

The refugee members later wrote a petition to UNHCR office seeking for immediate relocation to a safer place.

He added that Uganda nationals complained that, whenever refugees fight it affects them arguing they no longer need presence of refugee in their land.

James said refugees should not be allowed to settle together with the nationals because conflicts may keep on recurring.

 “The more they stay and mix up together with us fighting will still go on without end,” he expressed.

Elizabeth Hellen, another refugee said she lost her relatives in the camp’s fighting. She appealed to Uganda government to direct Refugees UN agency UNHCR to ensure that refugees are separated from the host communities.

 “We are here to present our letter to show our suffering not for violence that is why we have come to this office to give our request,” she said.

Solomon Oskana, the refugees Desk officer in the office of the Prime Minister Department of Refugees Arua said, there was no funds to relocate refugees to another settlement.

Oskana said they will create awareness to sensitize the locals and refugees to continue coexisting together.

 Police said they have arrested about 28 suspects in connection to the incident.

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