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Civil society urged to disseminate peace in Yei

By Hassan Arun

Civil society in Yei County were urged to disseminate peace agreement in order to help the entire population of Yei River County for the agreement to be well understood by the civil population.

The call was made during the two-day training on the Revitalized Peace Agreement conducted by Community Empowerment for Progress Organization(CEPO) in collaboration with RJMEC and CTSAMMVM in Yei River County.

Mundele Henry,Society Forum Secretary in Yei said that the civil society played a vital role in political process.

“for your responsibility to contribute to the civil society forum, we advocate together and strengthen our coordination with the civil society at all is very important that we as civil society help in disseminating this document because this is not the only population that represents the entire population of the County,” Henry said.

Kenyi Elias, a participants’ representative called for expediting the implementation of chapter two in the agreement.

The participants’ representative believed that it was the responsibility of every citizen to own the revitalized agreement on the resolution of the conflict in South Sudan and ensure that it is implemented.

He revealed that the revitalized agreement doesn’t belong to politicians alone but that it belonged to all South Sudanese.

“Our message as participants in this training to the citizens is that we should own the R-ARCSS because it is our responsibility. The agreement does not belong to the politicians alone, but it is for us south Sudanese,” he said.

He added that,citizens and civil society forum contributed to advocate and strengthening coordination at all levels in the peace agreement implementation. Also mentioned that he believed the society played a very significant role in the political process, especially in advocating for the rights of citizens.

Meanwhile, CEPO Executive Director, Edmund Yakani said that the principals to the peace accord could reach an agreement on unified command structure and unified ranking toensure implementation on security arrangements for peace to prevail in South Sudan.

“I believe that without implementation of the security arrangements, the country will not ascertain total peace.The graduation of the unified forces delays not simply because of no money, guns, food or uniform, but it is because the principals have not agreed on the unified command structure. We need to have unified command structure and also have unified ranking. We can implement the political agreement 100 percent with the power that we can call political will, but without implementation of the security arrangements, the path way for our country to move from violence to peace is still far,” Yakani said.

The workshop brought in eighty participants including youth, women, persons with disabilities, community and religious leaders, civil society organizations and media in Yei River County.

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