Civil Society told to push for cohesion among Community

Rajaf Mohandis Centre, Wani Richard Joseph (L) and member of civil society Organisation in a group picture (photo by Kidega Livingstone)

By Kidega Livingstone 

The members of the Civil Society Organizations were told to push for social cohesion within communities in order to achieve peace and harmony in the Country.

The Executive Director for South Sudanese Network for Democracy and Election Mr. Rajab  Mohandis said South Sudanese have the potential of coming  together if the Civil Society Organizations created the awareness on social cohesion at the grassroots.

Social cohesion is a degree of social integration and inclusion in communities and society at large, and extends to which mutual solidarity finds expression among individuals and communities.

“We have documented some of the information that will bring South Sudanese together. Why don’t you use the information by using different approaches to unite the citizens,” said Muhandis during a forum organized by Peace and Development Mission Africa that brought members of the Civil Society together in Juba yesterday.

He emphasized that those members of the civil society Organisations should try to advocate for patriotism among the youth in order to stop them from being raw material for social erosion.

“Youth are always saying they have been used in the conflict because they are raw materials to advance hate speech in social media but they should be raw material for cohesion,” said Mohandis.

He said South Sudanese have totally lost unity among themselves after being Independent as a Nation that resulted into corruption and tribalism among the politicians.

Meanwhile the Executive Director for Peace and Development Mission Africa Mr. Wani Richard Joseph said that they have chosen the topic of “cohesion” in order for the society to come together.

“What we know is that at the end of the day if you don’t have economic activities that can push you to care for the family you cannot be happy, social cohesion will strengthen you by being together while doing productive works together,” said Richard.

“The called for this cohesion is to promote a platform that brings us together that would allow us to use different approaches to diverse experience of social cohesion,” he added.

Modi Ladu a participant said Civil Society Organizations should continue to address the interest of South Sudanese and should discourage wrong politics in order to have peace in the Country.

“Treatment of us differently is very challenging because most South Sudanese like going near those speaking the same language which is not the case and it should be addressed toughly,” said Modi.

“The problem we have here is that everyone is looking at each other as an enemy. When shall we go back to follow our culture which was rich of unity and love because politicians have divided us totally for their interest,” said Modi.








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