Civil Society organizations welcomes Kiir’s move

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Civil Society Organizations have welcomed President Kiir’s decision to fire Finance Minister and the Acting Commissioner of the National Revenue Authority [NRA].

On Wednesday, evening President Salva Kiir Mayardit fired the Minister of Finance and Planning Salvatore Garang Mabiordit and replaced him with Athian Diing Athian.

The Acting Commissioner General of NRA and Managing Director of Nile Pet were also sacked and replaced with Africano Mande’ and Bol Riing Muorwel respectively.

The move that Civil Society described as good move by President Kiir to demonstrate seriousness in reforming the country from corrupt practices.

Reacting to the Presidential degree yesterday, the Executive Director of Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance Jame David Kolok said it has been their demand for President Kiir to remove whoever was involved in mismanaging government resources or offices.

“We welcomed what the President has done because this has been always our call that the President should demonstrate some seriousness in terms of corrupt officials that has been accused of mismanaging government resources,” Mr. Kolok said.

He said what President Kiir has done should not just end by firing individuals and stop there, but he should continue to do whatever can change the country from corrupted practices in various institutions.

According to Kolok the issue of economic crisis in South Sudan is more than firing and replacing the individuals in positions, but there are a lot of things that need to be put in place to ensure that individuals who are coming perform their duties.

“It is not just firing and replacing the officials that we need, but if some of these individual have been fired because they were involved in mismanaging this institution, I think they must be critical to examine and the President must make sure that they are answerable and law must take its cause.”

He stressed that officials should be made accountable for mismanaging country’s resources, this would send clear message to the country that people cannot just be in an office and mismanage public office and leave without accounting for it.

Kolok urges the President to act on the recommendation given by the Economic Crisis Management Committee to remove some corrupt officials in the government institution.

“It should not just end like that, but it should go through precarious investigations and if they are found guilty there must be serious consequence taken as per the law, one of it is to make sure that we have stability in the country and take the laws that are put in place to guide our economy.

Meanwhile Rajab Mohandis of organization for Responsive Governance also welcomed the move but said changing individuals from position to other positions will never add anything new to the current economic crisis in the country.

“It is good move but unless the Revitalized Peace Agreement is implemented fully and peace and stability come to the country, I think South Sudanese leaders need to understand that addressing the issue of conflicts in the country, should be the most priority in the country,” Mohandis said.

For his part, Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization [CEPO] welcomes the move but said there was a lot needed to be done by the Economic Crisis management committee in order to reform the country’s economy.

“The recent Economic Crisis Committee Management should take this matter serious and review the procedures and system for tax waivers in the country.”

He said poor tax waivers procedures and system with high level of corruption will directly harm collection of public revenue.

He said CEPO in respective manner is calling upon the recent established Economic Crisis Management Committee leadership to engage in consultations with various national stakeholders for generating data and ideas about national economy recovery.

“South Sudan is not broke but we have high corrupt practices in our national revenue collection processes that require immediate action such as review of revenue collection procedures and system and holding,” Mr. Yakani added.

However, he called on the government to have the spirit of keeping the public informed on the status of the national revenue.

He said the disturbing aspect is the engagement of some of our public officials in corrupt practices that hinders the national revenue collection processes saying they should be stopped.

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