Civil society educates refugees on hate speech mitigation

By:  Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Community Empowerment for Creative Innovation (CICI), a community-based organization has conducted one-day Defy Film screening to educate South Sudanese youth in Bidibidi refugee camp.

About 20 Youths were selected from all the 16 settlements and were educated on the dangers of hate speech and how to solve issues related to hate speech among the refugees.

Patrick Chandiga Justine the Founder of CICI Uganda spoke to Juba Monitor in Bidibidi Refugees settlement that they focus on peace building and hate speech mitigation.

He added that the Film screening was part of their intervention to mitigate hate speech, saying the film show has been running for the past ten days under theme “Taking action against hate speech.”

Chandiga stressed that they have been training youth on how to combat hate speech, adding that they planned to conduct the training in all the camps.

 He called on the beneficiaries to have wider acknowledge of what hate speech is and how hate speech can cause violence in a community

Kuma Gan Gan, another member from team CICI from Koboko town said the Defy film educates the youth on how to identify hate speech online.

He said through their interaction with the youth they are able to share ideas and experiences on how to mitigate hate speech.

Gift Samuel, one of the beneficiaries who attended the training, said he has learned a lot of things.

He said it was hate speech that fuelled the conflict in the country which later rendered them the refugee status.

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