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Civil society demands more financial reforms

AkuochAjangNyanthom, Chairman South Sudan Civil Society Alliance

By Jale Richard

Civil society alliance had demanded for more reforms in both financial and economic reforms within government institutions to improve theeconomy woes in South Sudan, the Chairman of civil society alliance has said.

“It is very important that the central bank must see a thorough reform and that applies to the ministry of finance and other line sectors,”AkuochAjangNyanhom said.

He said they have welcomed the sacking of the longtime Central Bank governor KornelioKoryomMayik, who was recently replaced by an economist Dr. OthomAjak.

Ajang said the move is a direction towards reforms that have been longed by the people of South Sudan.He said theyhopeDr. OthomAjakwill reform the banking system in South Sudan. “We welcome the new team, and we hope that the new team is going to work hard to make sure that the reforms that are spelled out in the peace agreement are followed,” he said.

However, Dr. OthomAjakhas declined to disclose his new economic reform strategies when contacted by Juba Monitor yesterday, “I will lay down my vision, mission and policies for economic recovery of South Sudan immediately after swearing in”.

Juba Monitor also learnt that the new Central Bank governor is due to be sworn in office today [Tuesday].

Ajang further said as part of the reforms, people in charge of the institutions can be changed so that new people come up with new policies. “When you talk about reforms and policies you have to change the people who have been running the institutions. That’s not enough; you need to see the policies and how they have been implemented,” he said.

Akuoch cited the government policy of devaluation of the South Sudanese pounds against the dollar a year ago which keeps tormenting the people of South Sudan.

He said in December 2015 when the local currency was devalued, civil society met the former minister of finance David Deng Athorbeiand central bank governor Koryom and rejected the policy but the then leaders of the financial institutions went on to implement the policy.

“Totally devaluation of our currency was a wrong policy,” he said.

Akuochsaid the new team appointed by the President should look into the salary structure of the civil servants because there are inequalities.

The civil society had called for the removal of the central bank governor and investigation of former finance minister Athorbei before President Kiirrelieved on Saturday.

When asked by journalists, Akuoch said it is now not necessary to investigate the former finance minister and central bank governor. He however pointed that in future when something fishy emerges to the public in terms of corruption, it should be investigated.

“Should anybody appear to have used public fund, automatically it is against the laws of South Sudan, and justice should prevail,” he pointed.





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