Civil society decries unlawful behavior of security forces in Bor

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The civil society network in Jonglei State has expressed concern over unlawful behavior of the security organs while enforcing the curfew and other directives meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Last week, South Sudan Youth organizations coalition also raised a concern that there was harassment of citizens by the security forces in Juba.

David Garang Goch, Chairperson of the civil network in Jonglei said beating and other forms of harassments of civilians by the security forces have continued without an explanation.

“Here in Bor town, what is taking place is beyond the order given by the President. As some of the organized forces were given powers to do patrolling at night in Bor, they have resorted to beating people,” he said.

Mr. Goch stated that they were taking advantage of the curfew at 8pm to strike locals even when some people might have been coming from the hospital or from facing water.

“It has even gone to the level that they normally beat girls at the water points when they are fetching water for their families,” Goch said.

He said it was not lawful for organized forces to take the law into their hands without understanding the situation.

“Instead of inquiring peacefully on why a person could have delayed up to 9 pm, they don’t give any excuse. They just beat people to the extent which is not required by the law,” he said.

He also criticized the self quarantine of the people at various homes, saying that residents might die from starvation if the government does not provide food.

“This is because the government has not provided any food and that people are struggling to get,” he said.

Maj. Majak Daniel Tuor, Jonglei State police spokesperson disputed the claim saying that the organized forces were instead making residents to understand how the curfew works.

“The soldiers do not beat, they are trying to control the situation within the country for this coronavirus,” he explained.

“So when someone tries to hang around the market beyond 8pm then he or she can be affected by the law even the President respects this, so those people are making up these allegations.”

He said that the police were enforcing the law not aiming at beating people.

Maj. Tuor advised citizens to always leave their working places early to avoid any inconvenience.

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