Civil society casts doubts on peace implementation

By Nema Juma

Peace activists have expressed doubts over the successful implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

The Revitalized Government of National Unity is expected to be formed in November as part of implementation of the September 2018 peace deal, but slow progress has left many tasks unaccomplished.

Joseph Akuar, the chairperson of Wau Civil Society said that the six months extended in May for the pre-transitional period remains “unpredictable”.

“Right now anything can happen and now a lot of things have not yet been achieved yet only three months left,” Akuar said.

He spoke to Juba Monitor yesterday during a three-day in-country learning exchange for civil society activists from Bor, Wau, Juba, and Torit.

Akuar said that the most important thing people need is peace and security, stating that in Wau, there is only one cantonment which is not enough for all the opposition forces in that area.

He said there was little time left to implement the remaining tasks before the scheduled formation of the unity government.

Akuar said the workshop have discussed ways of working with legislators to enhance the safety and security of citizens. He said the activists will also raise concerns of citizens on their safety.

“The basic rights that the community needs is security, it is one of the basic rights according to the constitution that’s why when war breaks out, you find some of those rights are misused,” Akuar said.

He urged the other partners to support peace and convince the government to implement it because “people especially at the state level are tired of this situation.”

Meanwhile the chairperson of Torit Civil Society Joseph Okul who is also attending the learning exchange appreciated the work of the Joint Monitoring Ceasefire Commission (JMCC) in the former eastern equatorial areas by making sure that the three cantonment areas are being filled by some forces.

He started that the forces failed to report to their cantonment areas due to logistics but the JMCC promised to deliver some services.

“We have three cantonments so far in Torit and they are Aswa in Pageri, Erube in Torit county and Luyoro in Kapoeta,” Charles disclosed.

He said that when the forces go to their respective cantonments, there will be screening and no child soldier will be allowed to register in the cantonment areas.



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