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Civil society calls for support to promote social cohesion

Members of the civil society during the forum

By Woja Emmanuel Wani

Peace and Development Mission-Africa (PDM-A), a civil society organization has called on their partners to support them in an effort to promote social cohesion in the country.

Wani Richard, the Executive Director of PMD-A said the forum held at the Juba Civic Resource Centre last week provided platform for civil society, youth leaders, faith based representatives, women organizations and citizens on the promotion of social cohesion in South Sudan.

He said different agencies working in collaboration with them should support the initiative to realize sustainable and peaceful South Sudan.

“As civil society, I call upon the international organizations, United Nations (UN) agencies and embassies and the government to prioritize support to the national organizations who have access to the South Sudanese grassroots communities to accelerate massive campaign to create a cohesive South Sudan,” Wani said.

He cited that PDM-A is working to promote what he called “the squandered   feeling of social cohesion,” with a focus on equal citizenship, trust among citizens as well as states to have a pluralistic acceptance of each other in terms of different faiths, confessions, ethnic backgrounds and political ideologies.

“To address this lack of social cohesion among the citizens, PDM-A has provided a podium for civil society, youth leaders, faith based representatives, in a discussion on the endorsement of social cohesion in South Sudan,” Wani added.

The forum was initiated with Support from Democracy International’s SUCCESS Program.

During the forum, Members of the civil society reflected on how they lived and co-existed in the past, and compared it with the present situation.

They also compared the current situation to the promises made during the foundation of the country during the independence in 2011.

Wani urged the youth to be active missionaries for social cohesion by denouncing hate speeches and communal violence in their communities. He advised the youth to engage in series of sensitization to remove stereotypes and enhance positive perceptions rather than being raw materials for social erosion.


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