Civil Society appeals for settlement of flood victims

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Jonglei Civil Society Network has called for the settlement of the stranded flood affected victims in Bor town.

Reports from Bor indicate that huge numbers of population who recently arrived from Twic East County and Athooch areas of Bor County are stuck at Bor’s Port with no homes and camping sites.

David Garang Goch, the Chairperson of Jonglei State Civil Society Network revealed there has been high influx of the displaced locals from the villages to Bor town for the last days.

He admitted that the number was becoming increasingly huge as they are stranded without homes to settle.

“So life has now become so terrible for them. Most of their properties and belongings were destroyed by the flooding and the recent communal fighting especially in Patiou and Baidit,” the activist explained.

Goch called on the government to prioritize the flood affected victims who are stranded in Bor by ensuring early resettlement.

“We need the government to really see if there is a dry place or island to switch these people to,” Goch said.

“These displaced people need to be assessed and given resettlement as a camp. There is also a need to engage the humanitarian agencies to come and rescue their lives by giving them some basic services especially food and non-food items,” he said.

Mr. Goch warned the intensifying situation would continue to affect the locals if there were no immediate measures undertaken.

He said stationing these displaced persons in the schools and churches as happening was not sustainable as they might contract some diseases.  

“Now, there is no assistance being given yet; people are claiming to be doing assessment but there is no tangible support that we have seen as a Civil society in Jonglei,” the activist said.

According to Goch, there were other areas within Bor Town which were appropriate for accommodating the displaced persons.

He said such step would help in rescuing their lives as they can erect their shelters and start living.

“So we are appealing if the government should take these people to places like Timbek, Pakou and other places not reached by water within Bor,”

Ngang Philip, the youth leader in Bor revealed some of the displaced people were getting sick on daily basis due to poor condition.

“The situation is really terrible, children are falling sick everyday and there have been issues of too much death because of malaria. So they are really suffering,” he said.

According to State Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), the flooding in Bor has displaced thousands people since the eruption sometimes this month. 

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