By Agar Mayor Gai

The art of either quality or substandard work is determined by what a person or a civil servant expects as the output of his struggle.

And of course all expect good payments or outputs that can sustain them and their families each and every day.

This implies that if what they expect becomes a reality, that is if the payments are equated to their man power, there are high chances of them doing the work of service delivery successfully and satisfactorily.  No corruption and with that, the nation prospers in all sectors.

And for the fact that the resources which a country may have can be enough for all of her citizens, everyone gets his due or what he deserves.

This is what the God of either government or private workers want from the employers but due to one reason or another most governments or private institutions have not put this into real practice.

Our country of South Sudan falls into this category of countries that have abandoned and walked terribly on the rights of workers.

In each and every institution especially government owned institutions, workers suffer a great deal of violations and hunger.  They are paid less money and in this way provision of their family needs becomes a difficulty.

Their families suffer hunger, deficiency diseases and lack of shelter just because what the family heads get at the end of the month cannot provide for all. And worse of all, less salaries have encouraged corruption. For a concerned citizen of this nation, he sees and recognizes corruption in the faces of all civil servants and this finds its root cause in the way that the government treats them financially.

When workers are paid less, they try to find ways of getting that which can provide for all of their family needs. And when they grab that chance, they do not hesitate.

They take even that which belongs to the civil population. And as such, in my own view the civil workers cannot be held accountable for that. It is the employer who should be because he has not put into consideration the rights and wellbeing of the worker.

It is high time we realize the effects of paying less and undermining workers to our national progress. This can be done by improving their working conditions, increasing their salaries. The progress of our country lies in the hands of the leaders.

This means that they have control over all the resources. They know what we get monthly as our national profit. And with that, they are not meant to act as if there is someone who is outside there to come and do their duty of improving the working conditions of their workers.

Leaders are not meant to take part in the corruption, embezzlement and caring less about the nation’s resources. This should now be an appeal to our government that in order to eradicate corruption, increment of the salaries and improvement of working conditions of their workers are the major ways of doing so.

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