Paying someone for work done is routine and a must since the person has offered his services. That civil servants are set to get three months’ salary arrears should not be taken as an indication of goodwill. It is their right which still is not yet settled as some of them are having outstanding for more than eight months. An employer must be well aware that those for them are people with families that they must take care of. They have family obligations that start with providing food on the table and other basic domestic needs which cannot be wished away for whatever reasons. It is understood that the country has faced moribund of economic nosedive which occurred as a result of the past crisis and the current spread of the coronavirus pandemic which is forcing lockdown and self-regulated insolation that caused less man-power production. The government should be able to put the house in order and prioritize the basics for their employees. It is like the workers are so dedicated that they have not had any discourse in discharging their responsibilities. They have remained faithful to their work which should be reciprocated by the employer. It is one thing to promise to pay the three months, but there should be arrangements to clear all the outstanding arrears. With proper arrangements and management, this is possible. As promised by both the Ministries in charge of public service and that of finance, let transparency take the lead to have all those who are innocently working and obeying the code of their ethics be paid on time so that they can cater for their domestic requirements. It is only noble to do that at this time of difficulties. Mere words and unsettled promises just make the matters worse by creating hopes that ends up creating more domestic misunderstanding in families.

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