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Civil servants receive their allowances

By Jacob Bol Mayar

Civil Servants in Jonglei State finally received their salaries with all allowances after two weeks of peaceful demonstration. Last week the National Ministry of public service and human resources resolved to pay off the civil servants’ demand.

Samuel Majier Lok, the General Secretary at Jonglei State Workers Trade Union said that civil servants had started receiving their salaries on the 24th of December and salaries of July but it was interrupted by Christmas eve but payment would continue on 28th of December. He added that the government of the state had agreed to all the demands of the civil servants.

“The salaries of August and the Ministry of Public service and Human resources has shown us the formula of the payment which will make it easy to pay the salaries of August and the next month’s salaries.” Said Majier

Majier applauded the National Ministry of Public Services and Human Resources and Acting Governor of Jonglei State for their efforts in reaching these agreements and urged the government to resolve the matters of misunderstanding through dialogues

At the same time, Bol Deng Bol the Human and Civil Rights Activist said that it is a great step for the people of Jonglei State and the civil servants in particular for their courage to pursue their rights.

“There are only a few people who understand the basis of human rights because some rights are inherited, either you are male and female but there are some rights that government are trying to deny to the people”. Said Bol

Bol applauded the civil servants for fighting for their rights and the government for adhering to their rights. 

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