Civil servants, police officers kidnapped in Upper Nile

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Suspected armed forces alleged to have come from the neighboring Sudan have kidnaped seventeen (17) State civil servants and four police officers in Northern Upper Nile State.

The state Information Minister, Santino Luan Kur has confirmed the incident to Juba Monitor on telephone interview yesterday saying, the incident occurred by end of October when the staff, who work for the State revenue authority and the police officers went to the State’s agriculture scheme at the border point connecting South Sudan and Sudan  on tax collection mission.

“It is true that some armed forces alleged to have come from Sudan ambushed and kidnaped our staff belonging to the revenue authority and four  police officers  on their way to agriculture scheme at the border between South Sudan and Sudan,” said Luan.

“The information we have about the incident came from Southern Blue Nile. As I speak to you now they were taken to place called Kadugli and before they were taken we have been in contact with them and they told us that they were detained by armed forces,” he added.

 He said the four police officers who were guarding staff were taken along with two government vehicles.

Luan urged Sudan government to investigate the suspects in order to release the workers and police officers.

He said that the state government of Northern Upper Nile is observing the situation.

“In case they are the criminals who have taken our people without any reason from our territory, we urge Sudan government to arrest the suspects and bring them to book,” Luan said.

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