Civil rights activists released

Press Release

Civil rights activist and a member of board of trustees for a national human rights organization known, as “Screen of Rights” has been freed.

Peter Garang Geng was released on bail without charges, after nine days behind bars at police detention cells in Buluk and Juba, along with Joseph Garang Piol, James Idroy, Daniel Majak Majok, and Amet Makil.

Peter Garang Geng, was arrested four with other protestors, while participating in a civil rights’ peaceful demonstration, on 8th may 2017

The release of the five demonstrators on 17th May 2017 is a result of concerted efforts by lawyers and the Screen of Rights to assure their individual freedoms.

Garang, said the following upon his release, “I thank all those who advocated for my release; I am indebted to all of you. It was such a difficult moment that without your support, it wouldn’t have been easy. However, I would like to make one thing very clear, we took to the streets in exercise of our rights granted to any citizens of any nation on earth. We do reject government attempt to politicize our cause for staging peaceful demonstration, this is a mere tactic by those who think they own South Sudan in order to deny our rights and further scare those who would follow the suit. I have spent nine days in the cell and indeed am not surprised, as I was expecting this nightmare”

The Screen of Rights is concerned about the growing violations against individual and calls on the government to adhere to the spirit of the Transitional Constitution 2011 and amended in 2015 as signed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit.


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