Civil Aviation denies rumors against NAVPASS scam

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan Civil Aviation (SSCA) had denied allegations made against NAVPASS, a company with whom SSCA signed a contract.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for South Sudan Civil AviationJohn David Dada had strongly condemned allegations made against NAVPASS. a foreign aviation company meant to aid South Sudan with aviation facilities.

“It is true that South Sudan Civil Aviation signed a contract with NAVPASS on aviation service delivery and provision of equipment  to the Aviation Department.

It was noticed in a circulated document on the media that the company had claimed that ithas an operating office as well as registration documents of operation in theCountry.

It was also claimed that NAVPASS at a meeting with operators could not demonstrate Countries in which ithas been operating as well as had a fluctuating rate of charges imposed in the manner they liked.

David strongly condemned sources who might have planned to spoil the image of NAVPASS being an international aviation company rendering complete services that South Sudan civil aviation should not have delivered.

He added that the presence of the company in the Country had solved most of the challenges the civil aviation had been facing.

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