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Civic space in the country remains impeded, 2020 reports

By Yiep Joseph

The civic space in the country has remained impeded according to the 2020 Civil Society Organization Sustainable Index reportdeveloped by United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

The report detailed areas of improvement regarding civic space, challenges and how to improve on them.

During the workshop for dissemination of the Civil Society Organizations Sustainable Index (CSOSI) that attracted many participants from various institutions yesterday, Putia Moses, CEPO Project Officer in his presentation revealed that Civic space for South Sudan remain impeded but with little improvement.

“The Civic space for 2020 was impeded with little improvement, it is at 5.5 an index that shown sustainability impeded,” Putia said.

He questioned the participants consisted of civil society organizations, media and government on what to do to improve the civic space.

In his opening remark, he mentioned that the report focused on seven dimensions such as the legal environment, organization capacity, financial viability, Advocacy service provision sectoral infrastructure and public image.

According to the report, the overall civil society Organization sustainability was at 5.5 that means it was impeded according to the numbers which revealed that most of the seven dimensions did not improve.

Putia complained about the delay in registration and renewal of licenses for some civil society organizations by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission.

However, Dominic Genge, Registrar Relief and Rehabilitation Commission(RRC)reaffirmed government commitment through the RRC to work with the civil society Organizations in the country.

“We are ready to work with the civil society organizations and we can take this country to green(improved civic space),” Genge said.

“Pertaining the sustainability index, we are in the right truck to improve Rome was not built in one day,” he added.

He called on the civil society organizations to cooperate with the RRC for the benefit of the citizens and the public at large.

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