City traders to pay SSP 1 M each for roads repairs

By Sheila Ponnie

Juba City Council has ordered business owners in the county to contribute for construction of roads in the city.

Some parts of the roads in the city, including along the Airport Road, and the Gudele Road are damaged, causing unnecessary congestions.

This month, City Council started reconstruction of the May Road that passes through the Crown Hotel and connects to Juba International Airport.

In an exclusive interview, Thiik Thik Mayardit, the Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure Development said plans were underway to reconstruct the damaged roads.

He said he has instructed all business owners along the Airport Road to each pay SSP 1 million for construction and maintenances of the road.

“I am aware about the road conditions and I have instructed all of them, the hotels, banks be it small business along the Ministry Road, I have instructed all of them, every company along the road to pay one million South Sudanese Pounds,” he said.

He said the payment is required because while doing business in the country, the companies have to help in development of roads.

“When you’re doing any business in the country, you must pay services to the people so that the people can know you are a good citizen so now all those developments are underway,” Thiik Thiik said.

He added that some people have already pledged, including a businessman Maker Gai who is paying for renovation of the road that passes in front of Crown Hotel road.


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