By Agar Mayor Gai

The life of a person who is unable to reproduce is of no much difference with a person whose child possesses not a single value in the eyes of the society (Agar’s quotes).

All are the same; in fact the man without a child can be happier than the one with a child who is just a representative of a real child.

I have seen this happening in many families whereby the parents who, when they gave birth for the first time, were so moved and joyful. Who, at that instant with their new baby, developed a lot of hopes and expectations in their lives.

They hoped for a new life, which was to be effected and lived by their child. But then as their child reached a certain reasonable age, they then looked at their son or daughter with different lenses.

They saw a different life in him or her, a life of drugs, prostitution, murder (joining groups or gangs), adultery and all that makes a person lose his sight of the right path.

What they saw then, was a world so different from what they expected. Could that be really the results of coming to towns? Is it all that Juba can give to her inhabitants?  No, absolutely no.

Juba hosts thousands of people from different backgrounds and cultures. This means that, all have come to Juba with their different backgrounds.

Whites with their culture of freedom even in life taking matters e.g. prostitution, drug abuse, have really influenced our life style and that majorly distinguishes their culture from the Africans.

Our African culture has it that, children should not be free to do anything at will. This implies that children cannot think and come up with something good on their. All, they come up with is viewed as destructive and therefore the need for dictation. They are to be guided and directed until they are capable of living their lives based on moral ideas.

The parents should not give too much freedom to their children. This gives them chance of being part of some dishonoring practices in the society.

And as per our generation, these practices are so prevalent that they are almost taking the position of moral practices. They are being honored by youths. This is an appeal to Juba parents that in order to save the young population, they have to keep watching the steps that their children take such that the Toronto generation is prevented from dominating our nation.

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