City mayor to round up niggers and send them to farms

Mayor of Juba City Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu

By William Madouk Garang

The Mayor of Juba City Council Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu said he was considering plans to round up criminal youths operating as gangs locally known as ‘niggers’ and send them off to farms in order to save city dwellers from terror activities carried out by the group.

The youth gang group are accused of violent attacks on members of the public and rival groups using machetes, knives, and even guns. The notorious young men, some riding on motorbikes, are also accused of robbing people of their belongings even during the daytime.

MrAllah-Jabu was speaking at the closure of a three-day public consultation to seek the country’s accession into UNTOC and ratify the Palermo Protocol to combat human trafficking and organized crimes.

The mayor lamented that the youth gangs once arrested and bailed out, become more dangerous to society as the city council planned to engage the youngsters in farming activities to benefit the country.

“When they [niggas] are arrested and they are released on bail, sometimes, when they reach the area they become even more dangerous to our community because they feel that there is nothing being done to them,” Allah-Jabu noted.

“That’s why, we suggested that Yambio, Yei, Torit, Kapoeta where we have to keep them on farming with the good energy that they have, instead of beating, harming or Killing us; it’s better they can be used in public farms outside the city to produce food for the country.,” he affirmed.

He said that his last visit to East African countries was to acquaint himself on how to give a face-lift to Juba city, adding that they were planning to build extra penitentiaries and reformatory because current prison is very squeezed for inmates.

He appealed to stakeholders to help build vocational centers for adult and juvenile inmates adding that they were ready to provide land if the grant was availed.

“We will provide you with the land if you are able to get us a grant, so we will be able to contain juvenile and adult courses in the city of Juba,” he said.  

This week, at least 23 members of new gangs group called ‘Wrong Boys’ had been arrested for allegedly killing four people in a furious fight in Lologo Two area of the Juba suburbs.

Allah-Jabu advised the community to report any mob fight among those groups to the nearest police or any law enforcement agency personnel to stop any violence from escalating and arrest the suspects. 

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