City, Islamic councils fail to resolve land ownership

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Juba City council and Islamic Council have disagreed over land ownership after two consecutive meetings among themselves.

Earlier this month, the leadership of South Sudan Islamic council raised an alarm over land to the Governor of Central Equatoria State on some of the challenges that the council headquarter was encountering.

Speaking to press the yesterday, the Chairperson of Central Equatoria State Chamber of Commerce, Robert Pitia said people on the ground should not get disturbed especially traders.

“I assure general public to remain calm, Juba City Council and the Islamic council will solve their problem in good way, so let our traders work safe in good environment. The way forward between Juba City council and Islamic council will come together to see way forward to solve these problem,”

He added that the disagreement between the Islamic council and Juba City council will not affect traders.

“My message to the traders is let them be calm, let them work because for us as traders we need peace, we need good environment that is conducive for business,” he said.

Meanwhile the Chief Executive Director Martin Simon Wani said the dispute was on issue of land but both of them are working hard to solve the problem in good manner.

Last week, the Secretary General of South Sudan Islamic Council, Sheikh Abdullah Barag discussed lengthy about their grabbed properties by the previous leadership of the Juba City Council and vowed to follow the due procedures to recover their properties.

Sheikh Abdullah acknowledged the leadership of Governor Emmanuel Adil for standing with the various faithful groups in particular, the Islamic council in numerous aspects and called for continued cooperation.

Earlier, the Governor Adil pledged to the council leadership his government readiness to do all it takes in order to ensure that the grabbed properties were returned honorably as per the previous directives of the President of the country.

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