City Council told to halt rampant taxes on traders

By Bida Elly David

Central Equatoria State chamber of commerce has urged city council to suspend proliferating fines imposed on traders especially the locals.

This came after a number of complaints were raised by some domestic traders over rampant fines and cumulative taxes bearing no accurate reason.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone over the weekend, Robert Pitia the chairperson of the state chamber of commerce said, City Council should desist from the rampant fines executed on local traders creating losses in their businesses.

‘’The mayor should refrain from imposing unnecessary fines to businesses owned by local traders. These unnecessary fines have so far discouraged many domestic traders resulting into closure of their enterprise. Instead of encouraging them to promote businesses in the Country, City Council planted fear in them’’ He said

He pointed out that domestic businesses had so far helped many destitute families to have meals on the tables.

‘’Most domestic enterprises run by the local retailers are meant for supporting their needs. The decision taken to impose obligatory fines on them is unfair therefore it should be compromised’’ He added

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