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City council to seize plots used as brothels

By Morris Dogga

Juba city Council authorities have threatened to take away land titles for any individual whose plot continues to be used as brothels.

Last week,the city council said they had arrested over 200 commercial sex workers in Juba in a massive crackdown carried out by the organised forces. Most of the arrests were made in some tukuls in the residential areas.

The City Deputy Mayor Nhial Majak said they were planning to take tough actions against landlords whose plot has been used by the prostitutes.

“We are going to make sure in the next round; we are not going to leave the houses standing if we get a house that is being used as brothels,” he said adding that they would also arrest the landlords.

“We are going to come with graders to destroy the place. They are going to lose their land titles. We are going to give the house or the land for public use. We are going take it and make it as a shop,” he warned.

He said the business owner would also be arrested and punished because they were partisan to the same crime.

He hinted that there were people who have turned their properties into brothels warning that such practice would not be tolerated by the city council.

Nhial further threatened to dismiss the chairpersons of the quarter councils who failed to identify those practicing commercial sex within the city.

“We are going to change them from their positions if they are not going to identify them,” he stressed.

He said the crackdown would further continue until an end is put to such practice.


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