City Council suspends two directors over vendors’ strike

By: Kidega Livingstone

Deputy Mayor for Infrastructure and Development, Thiik Thiik Mayardit has suspended two directors of Kator block for allegedly failing to offer a land for women vendors at Konyokonyo market.

The vendors, mostly women held a peaceful demonstration in Konyokonyo on Monday. The venders say the space allocated for them was not enough.

The suspension came as an order from the Governor of Jubek State, Augustino Jadalla Wani. 

 “I have suspended the two directors of Kator block because they failed to give these women a place where they can do their business,” Thiik Thiik told Juba Monitor in a telephone interview yesterday.

The two directors include Santino Wani and one of the directors whose name was found only as Lily.

 “The market is the only place for those women to survive and because of the development we asked those directors to offer them land where they would do their business but they failed,” he said.

He said the women were allowed to use the market temporally because the government wanted to transform the market into modern market.

One of the women vendors, Susan Wani said that the suspension of the two directors was positive because they failed to listen to their voice as women surviving in the market.

“Market is the only place for our survival and it is the only place where we can get money for the school fees. The suspension was good because we have been waiting for them to allocate for us a place but they did not do that,” said Susan.

Mary Poni, one of the vendors said they would not leave the market place until the Juba City council allocates them a place.

“We are not going to leave this place because we don’t have place where we can sell our vegetable,” said Poni.

Last week some women went to the streets in protest of the City Council’s move to evacuate them.

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