A foot for thought

City Council should check street numbers

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The administration of City Council before two years ago had identified roads within Juba City according to the street and avenue numbers. If you move around, you can find street numbers attached together with Avenue numbers to give details of the roads and for people to know the location and areas easily. Street numbers help many people to understand roads according to the areas.

This is not the main reason for writing this  story, what I would like to say is to inform the management of City  Council on the numbers which were already removed and the polls are no longer there.  If they move around in the areas, they would not get the same street and avenue numbers as it was. This will take the administration of City Council back to fix new polls in order to return the numbers missing, for example in Kator areas and may be others.

Our people still do not know the important of street numbers, may be they were removed due to ignorant, or some weren’t strongly fixed and felt down. It is better for the administration of City Council to check and return the numbers back and not to confuse records which were already in the files. Otherwise, eventually most of the polls will not be there, what might have remained could be polls fixed on the main roads.

The management of City Council should check those polls according to the areas and based on the records they have in the office. If things are done by the government, they needs to be acknowledged because it is part of development in the state and the country at large. My advice to the authorities of former Jubek state is that let them improve those polls, it looks too locally, and it needs to be done with standard like in other countries.

May be the way they were made weren’t strong enough and easy to be removed by criminals or some people.  City Council should form committee to follow up and review those polls from time to time. They should educate citizens on the important of the street numbers. I hope street number 27th and avenue 14th which were throughout in the garbage are still there, otherwise City Council should be serious on what they made as progress in the state.

May God bless us all.

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