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City Council sets new prices for water tankers


 Tankers fetch water from treatment centre at River Nile (file photo by Manyuon Mayen Manyuon on 30th March, 2018):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Juba City Council has come up with new water prices for tankers to help regulate its value in the city.

Water prices per barrel were not fixed and operators of tankers would charge customers depending on the distance from the collection point.

The move came as a respond to complaints from citizens about high water prices in many neighborhoods of Juba.

In a statement issued by the acting Mayor Gen. Semir Khamis Suleiman Laku to the Juba City Legislative Assembly, water companies and City Council divided Juba into six zones with different water prices agreed upon by the stakeholders.

Juba City Council Legislative Assembly speaker Michael Lado Alla-Jabu revealed that Zone One consisting of fifteen residential areas near to the river bank will be charged SSP 180 per drum.

The areas  include  Hai Lologo (1and 2), Hai Kasaba, Hai Kator, Hai Zhuhurfati, Hai Malakal, Hai Gabat, Hai Kosti, Hai Jalaba, Hai Gumbo, Hai Kator East, Hai Jerusalem, Hai Prison Police Quarters, Hai Muizifin, Hai Dongda, Hai Luri Logai,  and Shirikat.

Zone Two will be charged SSP 210 per drum. The areas are Hai Jebel Sukar, Hai Khur Waliang, Hai Giada, Hai Kator centre, Hai Kator west, Hai Atlabara A,B, and  C, Hai Mayo, Hai Nimra Talata, Hai Amarat, and Hai Juba’ Na Bari, Hai Airport, hai neem, Hai Keli Balak, Hai Neglei, Hai Thoura, Hai Gem, and Hai Commercial.

Zone Three with set price of SSP 230 per drum. The areas are Hai Niglei, Hai Browngoroki, Joborona, Hai Nyakuron South, East and West, Hai Mouna, Hai Seminary, Hai Munuki ABC, Hai Jebel, Hai Referendum and Mangateen, Hai Dares salaam, Mauna, Seminary Jebel, Gudele Block 6 and Munuki 107.

Zone Four areas will pay SSP 250 per drum. They include Hai check point, Hai Lokolili, Hai Gudele block 9 and its extension, Gulele block 8, Hai Joppa (2,3,8) and Hai Gudele West Block 1-7 and Hai Batari.

Zone Five is made up of four areas and the set price per drum was SSP 270. The areas include Hai Baraka, Hai Jopa Block (7,6,5,4,1), Hai Gurei and Hai Lemon Gaba.

For Zone Six, which includes Hai Kupori, Hai Kab’u and Hai Nyarjawa, the fixed price per drum was SSP 280.

According to the Speaker, the main reason was to regulate price of water in Juba, and it order applied to all water suppliers and citizens in Juba city.

Speaker Alla-Jabu said that the violators of the order would face some charges and fines as decided by the law.

According to the order, the fines will range from SSP not less than 5,000 or three months imprisonment for a first time violators and SSP not less than 10,000 or six months imprisonment for a second time violator.

Third time violators, will face a fine of SSP 10,000 and six months imprisonment, and confiscation of water tank.

He added it was important for all the tankers to acknowledge the new order which comes in to effect today (Monday the 30th April 2018).

According to Alla-Jabu, the order was going to be implemented by the chief Executive Officer of Juba City, the three block Directors, Chief of Police, Director of National Security, Juba Units and all the Quarter Council Chairpersons.

Jalla-Jabu also warned the traffic police officers on the highways in Juba city to stop unnecessary collection of money from the water tankers on the street.

“This house has come up with a strong resolution and warning to the traffic police to stop unnecessary fine for services providers, tankers as well as transport buses. Unnecessary increment of water prices will be dealt with by the law,” he stated.


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