City Council receives Chinese business delegation

Samir Khamis (L), Jubek City Council town Mayor and Huang Zhaojin (R) fromvChina-Asia Economic Development Association (Photo: Wek Atak)

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The Mayor of Juba City Council on Wednesday received a delegation from China-Asia Economic Development Association to discuss business opportunities.

The China-Asia Economic Development Association was created to expand opportunities for economic success.

Addressing journalists after the meeting on Wednesday, the leader of the delegation, Huang Zhaojin, said their mission to South Sudan was to find out how South Sudan could share businesses opportunities with China.

“China has been the largest trading partner of South Sudan since its independence in 2011. We have grown to respond to the changing needs of our community, developing and offering programs to further advance our mission while sustaining direct engagement of the lower income constituencies we denote to,”Zhaojin said.

He added that their program was to help lift people out of poverty and achieve economic stability.

“Ourattention is on helping our communities create jobs through small business growth; achieve financial capability through financial education and access to credit, champion more vibrant neighborhoods through arts and culture, and attain justice and economic inclusion through advocacy,” Zhaojin added.

He added that they were happy to meet with leaders of South Sudan, saying South Sudan is a country with good relation with China.

The Deputy Head of Mission of the Chinese embassy, Semaya.K.Kumba appreciated the good bilateral relation between South Sudan and China.

Samir Khamis, the Mayor of Juba thanked the team for their visit and pledge to support businesses in South Sudan.

The Mayor said indeed, Chinese government is doing well to people of south Sudan by supporting many projects ranging from health and infrastructure.

Khamis added that China is doing well by sharing its technology with the people of South Sudan, and by offering training opportunities for government officials to develop their capacity.

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