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City Council oppose sending idlers out of Juba

Juba City Council has disagreed with the government’s idea of sending all idlers back to their villages to cultivate saying the security in rural areas should bet improved first in all parts of the country before the idlers are moved out of Juba.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, speaker of Juba City Council Legislative Assembly, Michael Allajabu Ladu said the youth who are idle in the city are among the civilians who fled their home due to conflict. He said if the idlers are forced to move out of Juba when the security at homes was not improved they will likely join armed groups.

“The government should not force these youths to go back home before improving security. For instance if you send back the youth who came from Kajo-Keji, Onduruba, Bungu, Moli  and other areas, do you think these people will go and  dig or they will just go and pick guns? Ladu asked.

On Friday the Council of Ministers in their weekly meeting resolved that all idlers who are loitering in Juba and other towns should go back home to cultivate to help eradicate hunger in the country.

According to Allajabu, it was encouraging to tell idlers to go back home and be productive. The idea can only be implemented when there is security in the villages.

“If there is security even us the Juba City Council will be involved to encourage them to go back home but with the current security situation in the country, they will not even accept or they will  go and come back,” Ladu said.

He said instead the government should implement the NGOs Law 2016 for the nationals to get jobs instead of considering foreigners who sometimes block the vacancies.

“The government should enforce the NGOs Law for our people to get what to do and these issues of being idle will end in Juba and other towns in the country,” he said.

In respond, the Police Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Daniel Justin said the issue regarding insecurity is very vital saying the police with the help of the local leaders are trying to sensitize the idlers specially youth to go and do activities that will generate income instead of robbing people’s property to earn a living

By Kidega Livingstone

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