City Council failed to clean Juba

By: Anna Nimiriano

The administration of Juba City Council has failed to clean Juba, which results to the total failure of the Mayor to execute his duties and obligations. If you move around Juba, there is no clean place. All markets are dirty; there are heaps of garbage with bad smell surrounded by traders who sell vegetables and other items. They are not thinking about the health of people who are eating the vegetables and their own health as the sellers of the items, sitting near the garbage with that terrible smell is a health-risking phenomenon.

There is no proper arrangement on how people should dump garbage, each and everybody is free to dump garbage as he or she likes. Even more concerning is the fact that the places identified for dumping garbage out side Juba are not suitable.  For example at Juba Nimule road, where many trucks are coming from Uganda and Kenya, the first thing for the passengers to notice about Juba is to see the garbage heaps with irritable stench.

Coming to Juba through Konyokonyo market is to see the same heaps of garbage. People are living with the mercy and protection of God; otherwise the environment is not health-friendly.

However, this is not the first time I am writing about the issue of garbage but still there is no improvement.  Many City Council administrators were changed by the Governors of Jubek State with the aim that there would be improvement; still people are experiencing the same situation. The current Mayor seems reluctant to exert efforts to improve cleanness around Juba. There is lack of seriousness in cleaning Juba City. The money being collected by City Council from the business people shpould be used for cleaning programme but that is not being implemented by the administration of the City Council. The more the surrounding is dirty the more possibility of disease outbreak. Jubek state didn’t get the right administration to tackle the issue of cleanness.  People are still suffering and living in a dirty environment.

With the singing of peace in the country, we also need change in our environment. We cannot talk about peace while the surrounding is not reflecting peace. If you are living in clean environment it means you are in peace.

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