Citizens welcome rehabilitation of Juba Nimule Highway

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

South Sudanese citizens residing in the border town of Nimule have welcomed the government plan to rehabilitate Juba-Nimule highway.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Dama Bosco, a resident of Malakia East in Nimule Payam said it was good news that the country had finally remembered to repair the highway.

“We all know that this road is very vital to the country and it sounds bad when accidents occur because of bad roads. What we want is quality not quantity,’’ he said.

Dama asked the government to implement what they had planned.

“Sometimes, things can be said and it remains words, what we want is action,’’ he added.

Mokomiku Gladis, a resident of Pageri Payam appealed to the construction to consider women when giving jobs.

‘’What they think is work like road construction which are only for men yet we the women can also do it,’’ she told Juba Monitor.

In July this year, the government launched the rehabilitation of the Juba-Nimule highway.The highway was constructed in 2012 by the American government through its implementing agency, USAID.

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