Citizens want land issue included in transitional Justice

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The citizens have demanded the issues of land ownership to be included in the transitional Justice mechanisms, according to the report released by civil society.

The survey on citizens perceptive about the transitional Justice in South Sudan was released yesterday in Juba. 

In an exclusive interview, James David Kolok Executive Director Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance (FODAG) said citizens were concerned about land issue.

He said according to the survey, the citizens said if land ownership was not resolved the issue might trigger another violence in future.

“So the commission of transitional Justice Process should consider land as part of its inquiry,” Kolok said.

The forum was attended by members of civil society organizations, government officials and members of diplomatic corps.

He said the research conducted on the citizens’ views on how the transitional justice process should be implemented.

“Yes something that has come out very clearly is important that transitional justice be implemented as a selected process but all the three mechanisms must be implemented,” he said.

Kolok added that the citizens were urging the government to implement all the provisions of Chapter Five of the peace agreement without fail.

“Citizens are urging the government to implement the provisions of chapter five of the peace agreement and ensure that immediate establishment of the Commission for Truth Reconciliation and Healing Hybrid Court and the Commission of Compensation and Reparation Authority,” Kolok explained.

He stressed that the public was requesting the government to allow them to choose the commissioners.

“The citizens are saying the government cannot establish the commission because they are part of these problems. So the commissioners that are supposed to constitute these commissions must be selected by the citizens. They should be able to select people of high moral integrity,” Kolok asserted.

He further suggested that the government should not overlook the process of justice accountability as mentioned in peace agreement.

“I think the citizens are concerned about the process which is good for this country. If the government implements this process it is good for stability of South Sudan. It is good for healing and ending impunity,” he said.

He appealed to the leaders to take into consideration the report that came from the citizens.

“If the government looks on it only at the perspective of only the citizens then it will be counterproductive because the environment may not change. So government needs to take this report seriously and ensure that they are able to implement the views that come out from the citizens,” Kolok said.

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