Citizens want guns silence -Artist

South Sudan needs to hear the sound of peace, not guns, a local artist said in his song titled “Ina ma deru sot sila”.

In an exclusive interview, Kizzo said the country has heard enough of gun shots which have claimed lives of innocent people, saying it is time to give peace a chance.

“Some of us were born during war time, we experienced the worst outcomes of war such as losing our loved ones and massive displacements that separated people,” he said.

“Our liberators fought for this country so that, we can dance to the sounds of peace but it is sad to say that we are still hearing gunshots within the country,” Kizzo added.

He said restoring peace in the country is a collective responsibility, saying that all citizens should play their role towards obtaining everlasting peace in the country and not to wait for the international communities.

The singer reiterated that enough is enough and says efforts should be put on restoration of peace.

“South Sudan has experienced a lot of security. It is time for the government to provide security and assure the citizens of peace to enable the refugees to return home,” Kizzo said.

By Mandela Nelson Denis


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