Citizens urged to engage in household farming


Governor Philip Aguer, (file photo)

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The governor of Jonglei State has called on all the state citizens and the whole country to start household farming in order to combat hunger in the country.

Col. Philip Aguer made the statement while addressing the public during road rehabilitation launching on Sunday in Chuei-Nyok north of Bor town.

“The rain pattern this year seems to be surprising and so encouraging due to the fact that the rain has started early enough…we are informing all the citizens that everybody must have a garden. A small household farming is needed to fight hunger and lack of food in our various homes,” Aguer said.

Aguer reiterated that there was need for citizens to continue the type of farming the previous generation had done to avoid situations of hunger in households.

Aguer encouraged the citizens and those interested in farming to use tractors which were provided by the national government to all the states.

“We are encouraging the farmers to use tractors. We have tractors that were provided by the national government, Any citizen that have fuel can use it for clearing and cleaning his/her garden as one of the motivation government can offer to the citizens since it is fit to be used as a means of backing up agricultural activities in the country,” Aguer  added.

He called on the citizens to borrow farming ideas from other international partners so that South Sudan can produce in large quantity.

He recalled that when they visited South Korea sometimes back, they learnt a lot in terms of encouraging people to work hard.

“One of the principles is that you work as far as you eat. This means that you should work and if you don’t want to work do not eat. So anybody who is avoiding work should not be dependent on others,” he concluded.



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