Citizens urged to end GBV

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, Aya Benjamin Warile is urging citizens to work together to put an end Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the country.

Aya said, for South Sudan to be safe and thriving place for women and girls where everyone enjoys a dignified life without violence, there is a need for every citizens to put an end the GBV.

“Gender Based Violence is really an issue in South Sudan, but it is everyone’s responsibility to lay an end to it. It is only by working together and looking at each other as one people who have the same rights,” Minister Aya Stated.

Minister Aya spoke to Juba Monitor over the weekend on ongoing 16 days of activism of Gender Base Violence.  

“To make our country safe and enabling environment for our women and girls to enjoy a balanced and dignified, there is need to treat women and girls the same way we would want to be treated as if we were men,” she said

Aya further emphasizes the importance of traditional chiefs and leaders in changing the socio-cultural norms and called on all the stakeholders to continue engaging with traditional leaders and chiefs to change the culture of impunity in the society as well as in law.

According to Aya, her Ministry is committed to lead GBV agenda as one of the highest priority and ensure that South Sudan create an environment where women and children are free, safe and protected.

“My appeal is that let us all work towards finding lasting solutions to end gender based violence in South Sudan and as a government we need to ensure that he anti-GBV Bill be accorded priority for enactment.”  

 She said as country moves into a phase of development and peace dialogue implementation, it is time that South Sudan build systems that look at GBV not as an aftermath of conflict but a deeply entrenched issue that requires long term intervention and changing the mindsets and socio-cultural attitudes and beliefs.

He also called on all the stakeholder to actively contribute to make the joint program on prevention of and addressing gender-based violence an effective platform for planning and action.       

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