Citizens urged to embark on agriculture in Lakes State

Lakes State Governor, Gen. RinTuenyMabor at Juba internal airport

By Lodu William Odiya

The Lakes state Governor,Gen. RinTueny Mabor has revealed that agriculture would be a compulsory policy to the citizens of Lakes State in order to reduce hunger.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during his arrival at Juba International airport yesterday, Governor Gen. Tueny said that agriculture is a part of an engagement to the young people who are redundant, fighting and killing themselves in the villages and cattle camps.

“So we are transforming them from violence to productive activities which will be beneficial to our people”, he said.

He said that they were mobilizing the citizens to produce sufficient food to reduce hunger to cease the acts of raiding their brothers within or in the neighboring states”, said Tueny

He added that engagement in agricultural activities would be of great importance because it is a part of employment to the youths.

“The government cannot employ all our youths, they have good papers but the government takes some few but we are also encouraging them to go to private sectors where they will get rich soon and they will be happy”, he said.

Then further added that the young people were not active because they left works for the old people.

“With this energy, we want to transform them such that they are productive to the state and the entire country,” he said.

He said his mission in Juba was to meet the two Vice Presidents for Service and Infrastructure clusters on a development-related mission, agriculture,health and road on the top agenda.

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