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Citizens urged to cooperate with construction company

By Deng Ghai Deng

The National Minister for information Michael Makuei Lueth has urged the people of Jonglei State to cooperate with the Africa Resource Cooperation (ARC) construction company which was building the roads and the dyke in the State.

On Tuesday, Minister Makuei launched 24-kilometre permanent dyke to protect the town against flooding.

Speaking to media during the launching, Makuei urged the people to provide assistant to the engineers wherever necessary such not allowing the passage and free collecting of the soil for the constructions. Makuei, however, cautioned the people against taking law in to their hands when problems arise as that might hamper the progress of the road.

“ Don’t fight the drivers who knock down cattle because he is doing his job and if there is anything the law will be there to address whatever issue. So, people are requested to protect the company, respect the employees of the company and make sure that they don’t cause road hazards.”Makuei said.

Meanwhile, Denay Jock Chagor, Jonglei state governor said five of the nine counties in the state have been overrun by flooding. Chagor said that he was grateful to President Salva Kiir for initiating a dyke construction project to protect the state capital Bor from overwhelming by floods.

“I want to remind the people of South Sudan that Jonglei is the biggest state in the country and to cover it all, much of it now is under water. We have five counties that are over flooded by water now, from Twic East to Duk to Pangak, Pigi to Ayod all are in water. We are very happy for this project and we thank more importantly President Salva Kiir Mayardit for allowing this wonderful project to help the people of Jonglei.  But all of this is not enough, some of the counties are very far away and they also need help in anyway whether in kind or building dyke like this, we need that help.” Chagor said.

However, Peter Kuot, the Undersecretary in the National Ministry of Roads and Bridges said the 24 kilo-meter permanent dyke construction had been given to ARC, the engineering company constructing the Juba-Bor-Malakal Highway. Kuot said the cost of the construction was being prepared by the company and would be funded along with the national budget for roads constructions using oil money.

“Our government through the will of his excellency president Salva Kiir Mayradit has given a mandate as the ministry of road and bridges to make sure we direct ARC as a company that was constructing Juba-Malakal highway, and to add this an underdamp to their contract. They are working on the process; they will get all the costs and it will be added and it’s; going to be funded along with the road construction.”  Kuot said.

Simon Akuei Deng, the senior coordinator for ARC declined to disclose the cost, saying that the work was well supervised and that there would be no mediocracy in the construction.

“We have nine engineers on this road and I think Peter Bior is here, all the engineers are here from the ministry of roads and bridges. So there is no room for mediocracy on this road, everything is taken care of according to the design and according to the ITero standard, a standard that is used all over the world to build roads,” Akuei said.

Deng Dau Deng, the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation who is also the Member of Parliament representing for TwicEast County in the national Parliament said the government was using the country’s oil money for funding developmental projects in the country. Heurged the international community including the United States to refrain from interference in the South Sudan affairs.

“To the international community, it’s important to send this message that people of South Sudan are using the money of oil to build road and to build the dyke. We equally want to ask them; they should not disturb us when we are doing our work by Sanitary reports, by sanctions as said by the minister of information this is our own money, but the company that is doing this job should not be bothered because they are doing a great job that had never been done in this country.” Deng said.

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