Citizens urged to cooperate during Juba demarcation By Morris Dogga

The governor of Jubek State has called on the citizens in Juba to cooperate with the city council as it plans to reorganize and demarcate the town.

Lt. Gen. Augustino Jadalla Wani made the statement yesterday while inaugurating the monument of the late Jubek at Mobil round-about. Jubek is the man whom the name Jubek state was derived from.

“We want the people of Juba to cooperate and support the city council in the process of organizing and demarcating the town which will help the security organs to respond quickly in case of an emergency,” Wani said.

“So we want the citizens to cooperate because when we shall be going to demarcate the town, we don’t want people who will resist,” he said.

He said the work of the security organs has not been very effective because of the poor roads adding that the security would easily be directed if there are good roads.

The governor Wani said the successful completion of the Jubek statue at Mobil round about is the first step of the city council to organize the capital city.

He named Mobil roundabout to Jubek roundabout. “I want to tell our people that from today onwards, this round about will not be called Mobil roundabout. It is called Jubek roundabout.”

Meanwhile the Mayor of Juba City Council Stephen Wani Michael said the symbols used in the statue should not be taken negatively which he said it is traditional and it should not be misinterpreted in a negative way.

He explained that the bow signifies of defense and the hoe stands for agriculture.

“I want to inform the people that the monument should not be taken negatively. We are not advocating for hostility, but this is a historical fact with full meaning,” Michael said.

He added that when the monument was initiated in Juba city, there were mixed reaction from the public over the symbols used in the monument.

The monument was constructed by Juba City Council with support from the Techno group of companies, according the Mayor of Juba City Council

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